sisal soap bag for sale all natural soap bag made from sisal fibers perfect for zero waste lifestyle
sisal soap bag made from natural responsibly and sustainably sourced sisal fibers with among the leaves beer soap from spunkndisorderly inside
close up of sisal soap bag with multicolor beer soap inside all natural sisal soap bags available for sale
Spunk N Disorderly Soaps

Sisal Soap Bag

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Are you looking to be more environmentally friendly? Seeking to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle? Do you just want your bar soap to last longer? Consider purchasing one of our newly available sisal soap bags! 

These sisal soap bags are crafted by Zero Waste MVMT, and are approximately 4 inches by 5.5 inches. These soap bags can help extend the life of your soap, make bar soap easier to handle, and can provide extra exfoliation if you prefer a bit more scrub. Best of all? They’re environmentally friendly!

This listing is for one natural sisal soap bag. Soap not included, but we know where you can buy beer soap!

To use your sisal soap bag, simply put your bar of soap into the bag. After that, you can use your sisal soap bag like a bar of soap; just get it wet and use your hands to lather the bar of soap while it is inside the bag. 

Curious about the benefits of sisal soap bags, if a sisal soap bag is right for you, or about how to care for your new sisal soap bag? Check out our blog all about our new natural sisal soap bags for sale here


4" x 5.5” 

Natural Sisal Fibers

Rinse Clean

From Zero Waste MVMT

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