grey Sudski 30 watt shower beer holder shower beverage holder holding 16 ounce can of craft beer from 450 north craft brewery Columbus indiana craft beer
grey Sudski shower beer holder from 30 watt craft beer accessory shower beverage holder
Sudski shower drink holder instructions on box shower beer holder from 30 watt
Sudski shower beer holder shower drink holder grey Sudski holding a 16 ounce can Sudski picture
30 Watt

Sudski Shower Beer Holder

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Looking to upgrade your shower beer game, or for a unique gift for a beer lover? You’ve found it! Introducing the Sudski shower beer holder*! Made of silicone, the Sudski requires no adhesives, suction cups, or wall mounts to stick to (most) shiny surfaces. Beer not included (sorry!)

Color: Grey 


No fuss installation: no tools, adhesives, suction cups, or wall mount required. The Sudsksi can be reused, and leaves no residue. It comes boxed (a Sudski is a great as a unique gift for a beer lover!), and sticks to most glossy surfaces (after a 24 hour period). 

*Don’t forget that a shower beer should be cold, crushable, and, most importantly, in a can. Glass bottles should not be placed in the Sudski. Use caution when drinking, especially when in the shower. Want more information about the Sudski, and our tips for optimal placement of this shower beer holder? Check out our blog about Sudski shower beer holders here 


6” x 4.125” x 2.875”


Wipe Clean

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