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Have you been meaning to up your shower beer game? Are you shopping for a gift for a beer lover? Look no further: we are proud and excited to announce that we now have shower beer accessories available for sale! 

Introducing the Sudski from 30 Watt! As you probably know, we are big fans of a shower beer. One of the biggest issues shower beer lovers face is surprisingly basic: what to do with the can when they’re not drinking it. Leaning down to grab your shower beer isn’t ideal. It’s too risky! You could hit your head leaning over to set it down or pick it up, you could miss the shelf entirely and  spill your shower beer, or water can get into the can and ruin your shower beer. No matter what happens, it won’t be good. Luckily there is a solution to this problem: the Sudski! 

The Sudski is a shower drink holder; perfect for shower beers! Made of silicone, the Sudski uses patented grip technology (I didn’t know that was a thing!) to stick to (most) glossy surfaces. Thanks to this super cool patented grip technology, the Sudski requires no suction cups, adhesives, wall mounts, or tools to install, and can easily be removed (leaving no damage) and relocated if desired. The Sudski even has small holes in the bottom to ensure it doesn’t collect water. As we mentioned in our blog The Art of a Perfect Shower Beer, a shower beer should be cold, crushable, and in a can. Those three rules still apply here: make sure to only put cans in your Sudski (for safety), and exercise caution when indulging in a shower beer (don’t get too sudsed while you get sudsy and slip!) We also recommend choosing the location of your Sudski carefully. After all, you don’t want your shower beer to get wet! Hot water hitting your shower beer can will warm the beer up, and water getting inside your shower beer is even worse. 

Simply follow the easy application instructions and the Sudski will be ready to help upgrade your shower beer experience. 

To shop the Sudski, click here! 

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