The Art of a Perfect Shower Beer

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Maybe you saw it in a movie, maybe you heard about it online, maybe one of your friends told you about it. Somehow you have heard about the shower beer. But what is it? Why do people love them so much? And how do you achieve the perfect shower beer experience?

What is a shower beer? 

A shower beer is exactly what it sounds like: a beer that you drink in the shower. 

While its history is unknown (since beer is older than indoor plumbing, experts think the first shower beer was likely taken pre-electricity), it wasn’t defined on Urban Dictionary until 2004. Since then, the shower beer has skyrocketed in popularity, spawning subreddits and products (some funny, some elegant) dedicated to it. Even Margot Robbie is a fan of the shower beer after work. 

So what’s the big deal? Why is the shower beer such a phenomenon? 

There are several reasons that the shower beer has become a phenomenon. First, they can be beneficial for your mental state. Showers release dopamine; combine that with the endorphins from drinking, and you’ll have the benefits of a shower beer such as reduced stress, and increased creativity. 

The shower beer can also improve your emotional state. Let’s be honest: a shower beer is an indulgence, and it feels like one. You’re naked, alone, in a safe space, and enjoying the rush of feel-good chemicals from your brain as you enjoy a hot shower and a cold, delicious beer. It’s an assault on your senses, but in a good way. 

If you’d like to experience the magic and benefits of a perfect shower beer for yourself but aren’t sure how, here are our guidelines to experience the perfect shower beer.* 

There are two parts to the shower beer: the beer, and the shower. 

The Beer

When choosing the perfect shower beer, there are three qualifications it should meet: cold, crushable, and in a can. 

Part of the magic of the shower beer is the coldness of the beer, so the colder the beer the better. Grab one that has had enough time to get down to the perfect temperature. 

A shower beer should also be crushable. After all, you’re taking a shower. You want an easy drinking beer that you’ll finish in the shower, not one that you want to sit and sip. 

The perfect shower beer is relaxing, a small tropical getaway from the convenience of your bathroom. Worrying about (or even worse, actually) dropping a glass bottle would totally ruin your shower beer experience. Cans also tend to be less slippery and fit better on the various bathroom ledges and shelves. And who wants to hop out of the shower and do that weird naked wet gremlin walk (I can’t be the only one who does that!) to search for a bottle opener?

If you don’t have a specific beer in mind, lagers are a great option for a perfect shower beer. Not only is the ideal temperature  for lagers the coldest at 40 - 45 degrees Fahrenheit (or 4 - 7 degrees Celsius), their delicious characteristics made them Beer Advocate’s choice for the perfect shower beer since they are “typically crisp, clean, and dry with a hoppy bite that makes you want more”. 

The Shower

Now that you’ve got your beer, it’s time for the shower. To achieve a perfect shower beer experience, the shower should be hot and brief. 

Part of the magic of the shower beer is the contrast of the hot water and the cold beer. To have the perfect shower beer experience, the shower needs to be hot. Don’t boil yourself, but the magic is the temperature difference.

The shower should also be brief; if your beer is starting to get warm, you’ve been in there too long. While you’re in the shower, try to avoid getting water or soap in your beer since either can ruin your beer (trust me on this one).

If you’d like to enhance your perfect shower beer even more, add some good music. Feel free to belt out some lyrics; we don’t mind!…(but your neighbors might). 

Pro Tip: Make sure to open your beer before you get into the shower. Fumbling with a slippery can isn’t fun. 

Ultimately, the art of the perfect shower beer is one that can be achieved with relative ease. A cold beer and a hot shower can help relax you, enhance your creativity, and be just all around awesome. Just be responsible: don’t overindulge. If you get drunk and fall over in the shower, you will not have a perfect craft beer experience. 

Does your perfect shower beer experience include bathing in beer? Good news: you can! Shop our collection of artisan beer soaps to purchase soaps handmade with craft beer. 

*Be safe and responsible; don’t use the shower as an excuse to overindulge. Moderation is key to a perfect shower beer.  

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