FAQ Table of Contents:

Ingredients and Environmental Information
Beer Soap Information
General Information
Wholesale/Bulk Order/Custom Product Information


Ingredients and Environmental Information

What is in your soap?

In order to be as clear as possible, we provide a full ingredients list on every product page. You can also read our blog here to learn more about why we use the ingredients we do. If you have any questions about our products or ingredients, please do not hesitate to ask us. 

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! We only use sustainably and responsibly sourced palm oil, and eco-friendly biodegradable glitter in our soaps and products. 

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not. All of our products are tested first by us, and then by a trusted group of friends and family who volunteer to try our new products before they are available for sale.  

What is the difference between vegan and all-natural?

Vegan products are products that use or contain no animal products, while all-natural products contain no artificial ingredients. Products can be all natural but not vegan, vegan but not natural, or any combination of the above. For more information, please visit our blog here.

My skin is sensitive/sensitive to fragrance. Can I use your soaps?

We absolutely have something for you! If your skin is sensitive to fragrance oils, we recommend a soap from our All Natural Line. These soaps contain no fragrance oils, only essential oils. We also regularly offer completely natural, unscented and uncolored bars.  



Beer Soap Information

I'm looking at your beer soaps, but I don't want to smell like a brewery! 

Not a problem! While we do use real beer in our beer/cider soaps, the soaps do not smell like beer. We add fragrances that compliment or relate to the beer in some way. For example, our Rocket Fuel soap smells like coffee and hazelnut, so you are safe to soap and drive!

Why beer soap?

Why not? Not only is beer delicious, it also has some awesome properties that can moisturize skin, reduce redness and irritation, and act as an antibacterial. For more information, check out our blog here. 

My favorite brewery is *insert awesome brewery here*! Why don't they have a soap?

We would love to have beer soaps featuring beer from every brewery, but as a small business we aren't *quite* there yet. Right now we mainly use craft beer from local breweries because they're amazing (and we can get more if we "accidentally" drink our inventory!), but we are always open to special requests! Feel free to contact us with your suggestion; if we can get the beer, we would love to use it!

Why are only some of your beer soaps vegan?

We only identify our soaps as vegan if we are 100% sure they are vegan. If we do not have absolute confirmation that a beer is vegan, we will not identify the soap as a vegan soap. We would rather err on the side of caution than unintentionally label a soap as vegan when it is not.


General Information

Some of your pictures have two bars in them. Is the price for both?

Our bars are sold individually, so the price you see is for a single bar. Since our soaps are all handmade, each bar is a little bit different. We choose to photograph multiple bars to illustrate the variety and individuality of each bar so people don’t expect identical bars. 

I saw a soap on your Instagram but I can’t find it on your website! Where is it?

It will be available soon! Cold process soap requires a curing time, so sometimes we will share sneak peeks of bars that have been poured and/or cut, but aren’t quite ready to be used yet. We will announce when they are available for sale, so follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of all new goodies!

The bar I wanted is sold out! Will you be making more?

Perhaps! Some of our soaps are limited edition, but others we do our best to keep stocked or to restock as soon as we sell out. Drop us a line and let us know what you’re looking for and we will do our best to accommodate you, or recommend another bar that will fit your needs. 

How much is shipping?

We offer tracked shipping anywhere in the US for a flat rate of $7. Please contact us for international shipping, as it is handled and priced on a case by case basis. 

My shipping address was wrong! Help!

Oh no! We hate it when that happens. If you notice your address is wrong, please contact us ASAP so we can do our best to rectify the error. Unfortunately, if the package has already been shipped there may not be anything we can do. However, if the package is returned to us we can reship it for the same $7 shipping cost. 

I want to gift your soaps to someone; can you wrap them and send them without pricing information?

We are happy to assist you with your gift needs! We can wrap soap, create gift baskets, create a custom gift card, and more! Contact us to get started or, if you simply want to gift our products, contact us after you order to let us know you would like to exclude any pricing information.



Wholesale/Bulk Order/Custom Product Information

I’m a business owner and I want to carry your soap! Do you offer wholesale options?

We absolutely do! Please contact us directly via e-mail at spunkndisorderlysoap@gmail.com for our wholesale pricing and options. 

I’m not a business owner, but I want to order a lot of soap as gifts/favors. Is that possible?

Absolutely! We offer bulk discounts for large orders; please contact us for special pricing. 

I’m getting married/having a baby/etc and I want you to make the favors! Do you offer custom soaps?

Absolutely! We will be happy to work with you on a custom item. We can customize the fragrance, color, packaging, decorations, anything! Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

I want custom soap for my event! When should I order it?

We recommend contacting us ASAP and completing your order at least 6 weeks in advance of when you would like the soaps to be ready. Cold process soap does require a curing time, so unfortunately we are unable to fulfill last minute custom cold process soap requests because of this. 


Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Have some feedback? Just want to chat? We would love to hear from you! Contact us anytime!