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As with any small business, we get a lot of questions about how we got started, why we chose to make the products we do, etc. Specifically, we get TONS of question about our beer soap. How did we get the idea? Why beer? Is it good for your skin?

Honestly, we didn’t even know about the benefits of beer soap when we started making it. Our thought process was fairly simple. Soap=good. Beer=good. Beer soap=great! However, after some research, we learned that beer is good for more than just being delicious. Even Esquire has written about the benefits of beer soap. So what’s the big deal? 

The skin benefits of soap beer come from the ingredients in the beer. Beer has four primary ingredients: water, grain (typically barley malt), hops, and yeast. 

Hops are responsible for several of the benefits of beer soap. Hops contain amino acids, which help moisturize and soften skin, and the polyphenols in hops are thought to help combat skin redness and irritation. 

Other benefits of beer soap come from the brewer’s yeast. When used in the beer, brewer’s yeast extracts the sugars from the grain and turns it into alcohol and CO2. However, when present in beer soap, brewer’s yeast performs differently. Instead of converting sugar to alcohol, it acts as an antibacterial, which can help combat acne and helps gently yet effectively cleanse the skin. 

The vitamins in beer are also responsible for the benefits of beer soap. Beer typically contains a healthy serving of Vitamin B, which helps moisturize the skin, is an antioxidant, and is easily absorbed by the skin. 

The benefits of beer soap aren’t limited to just the hair skin! Our beer soaps also benefit local craft breweries. After all, we have to get the beer from somewhere! As a small business, we love patronizing other small businesses and craft breweries are no exception. Craft beers were the obvious choice for our small batch, handmade beer soaps. 

Ultimately, there are many benefits of beer soap. Not only is it good for the skin and small businesses, it’s fun and a unique gift idea for the beer lover who has (almost) everything. 

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