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I have a confession. I LOVE horror movies. Like, a lot. I made it a priority to attend midnight showings of classics like Jaws and Halloween, I’m regularly startled by my friend’s coming over and giving me a real life jump scare, and I INSISTED that we watch The Descent…while in a cave…220 feet underground.  

Unfortunately for horror lovers like me, Halloween only comes once a year. However, Friday the 13th gives us an extra day to celebrate all things spooky and, in 2020, there are 2! Whether you are shopping for a horror-loving friend, someone with a birthday on the 13th, or for yourself, we have scoured the interested and created a list of our favorite Friday the 13th gifts*. 

Here are our favorite spooky Friday the 13th gifts for horror lovers. 

$20 and Under

Looking for a spooky Friday the 13th gift that the recipient will love to display? Give them something that only comes from one place on the planet: a glass bottle of water from the lake where the legend was born. I'd shop quickly...these bottles are ONLY filled on Friday the 13th, so if they are sold out you will have to wait until the next Friday the 13th for them to be restocked. For more information or to purchase this spooky gift for a horror lover, click here

Does the person you’re shopping for love horror movies like Friday the 13th, but has a habit of being scared and jumpy afterwards? Help soothe their mind and their spiritual energy by giving them white sage to burn. Burning sage, also known as smudging, is done as a cleansing ceremony. Those who utilize it believe that it helps rid people and places of negative energy or bad spirits. Use it before the movie to enjoy its woodsy scent, and after to ensure the spirit of Jason Vorhees won’t haunt their nightmares. For more information or to purchase a set of three smudge sticks to ensure they will find a scent that they love and that balances them, click here for the perfect Friday the 13th gift.

If you're looking for a Friday the 13th gift that is more kitschy than cut-throat, check out our Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake soap. Handmade in Texas, the soap smells like pachouli and a woodsy scent...just like some camp counselors in the woods would have. With a handmade hockey mask and a red "blood" swirl, this vegan soap is sure to delight. For more information or to purchase this Friday the 13th soap, click here

$50 and Under

For the horror lover who likes to Netflix and chill, a Friday the 13th pillow is the perfect Friday the 13th gift! Made with environmentally friendly ink and handmade to order, this pillow is perfect to snuggle up with while having a scary movie marathon. For more information or to purchase this spooky Friday the 13th gift for a horror lover, click here.

If you're shopping for a Friday the 13th gift for a horror fan who is more of a cinemaphile than a gore hound, a signed movie poster is sure to blow them away. Featuring the original movie poster and a certified authentic autograph from Ari Lehman, this is the perfect gift for any horror lover or Friday the 13th fan. For more information or to purchase a signed Friday the 13th movie poster, click here


For the Friday the 13th superfan who loves experiences, what could be a better a tour of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco? That name may not be familiar to you, but superfans of the Friday the 13th franchise and horror lovers will recognize it as the name of the camp where Friday the 13th Part 1 was filmed, on the shores of the original Camp Crystal Lake. Located in New Jersey, this is the perfect spooky Friday the 13th gift for a horror lover! The walking tour covers each filming location from the iconic film, and often features appearances from the cast. However, this may not be the easiest gift to give. Due to tours selling out nearly instantly, the company has gone to a lottery system. For more information on this spooky Friday the 13th gift for a horror lover, click here. 

For the Friday the 13th fan who prefers subtly to standing out, gifting them a piece of Camp Crystal Lake history that they can use every day without anyone realizing is sure to be a home run. Though the cabins and docks from the original movie have been refurbished, the wood was reclaimed and used to create some one of a kind souvenirs that will delight any horror and horror lover. Pens are one of the items available; each pen is handmade with wood from either a log cabin or one of the famous docks. Complete with a certificate of authenticity and, in some cases, cast autographs, these pens will put a smile on the face of any Jason Vorhees fan as they use them to sign their killer signature. For more information or to purchase this Friday the 13th gift idea, click here

*SpunkNDisorderly is not affiliated with any of the outside companies mentioned in this blog, nor do we receive any benefits from mentioning them. 

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