4 Quarantine Date Ideas (that aren’t Netflix and chill)

Looking for some quarantine date ideas that aren’t just Netflix and chill? Check out these 4 quarantine date ideas for a little inspiration!

Think Outside The Box (by trying one!)

Since you can’t go out and do things, why not bring them to you? Companies have made that easy with their date night boxes! Each box has something different, so there is something for every relationship looking for quarantine date ideas. Some companies, such as Datebox Club and Date Night In Box, offer date night subscription boxes with themes that change every month. Other companies offer more specialized options. Do the two of you share a love for Italian food? Set the mood with some music and candlelight, and cook a meal with Eat Tiamo. Does your quarantine date watch a disturbing amount of serial killer documentaries? Try Hunt A Killer! Quarantine date night boxes are designed to for you to have fun while strengthening your relationship, so try to disconnect from technology (when possible) to focus on your date and the activity. 

Take Them Away

Not literally (these are quarantine date ideas!), but figuratively. Turn an area into a mini stay-cation. This quarantine date idea will take some planning, but it will (hopefully) be worth it! Grab a couple of props, some themed food, and a movie or video that fits the atmosphere. For example, for a beach staycation you could grab a beach towel or two (bonus points if you manage to get some sort of palm tree), food, tropical drinks, and put on your ocean-view of choice (we recommend a nice, calm beach scene video. Or Jaws). The more immersive the better; the goal of this quarantine date idea is to make them feel like they’re in paradise (not that they don’t love the living room). 

Cleaning Date

Okay, hear me out. It may not be the most romantic quarantine date idea, but can actually be fun, and it has its benefits. Pick a day/time, an area to focus on together (after all, this is a date!), put on some good music, and get to work (dance/karaoke breaks encouraged)! Good music and good company will make the cleaning process more enjoyable, and you will have results in no time. You’ll both feel accomplished, and your living space will be improved. Bonus points if you add in a bit of redecorating! 

Plan a Sexy, Special Night

I get it: you’ve been spending a TON of time together. But how much of that time has been quality time? A sexy, special night can be the perfect quarantine date idea if you or your significant other is craving some intimacy and romance. Leave any distractions outside of the bedroom door, and spend some time getting close and enjoying each other. All of those romantic things you see in the movies? Do them (safely)! Set the mood with some candles (flameless candles are a great option), enjoy some chocolate covered strawberries, take a bubble bath, give each other massages, whatever strikes your fancy!


What is your favorite of these quarantine date ideas? Do you have a favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

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