Be Our Date to Spring Fling at Holler Brewing?

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Spring 2024 has sprung, and these sunshine filled beautiful days have us feeling absolutely twitterpated. This weekend Holler Brewing Co. is hosting their annual Spring Fling Market, and we were hoping you would be our date! Spunk’N’Disorderly Beer Soaps is excited to be one of the local vendors invited to join Holler Brewing for a day of fun, music, shopping, and beer. 

The Details: 

What: Spring Fling Market

When: Saturday, March 23rd from 1 pm - 5 pm

Where: Holler Brewing Co. -  2206 Edwards Street Suite A, Houston, Texas

Who: Spunk’N’Disorderly Beer Soaps, other local artisans / vendors, and Bo Bottoms

On Saturday from 1 pm through 5 pm, come shop our craft beer soaps and drink some award-winning Texas craft beer at the annual Holler Brewing Co. Spring Fling Market event. 

In addition to fantastic tank fresh beer (but really, isn’t that enough?), some brand new Spunk’N’Disorderly Beer Soaps, and plenty other vendor goodies, local artist Bo Bottoms will be performing live from 2 pm - 5 pm. If you missed her at the Houston Rodeo Wine Garden, now’s your chance to catch a show (with much easier parking).

Have questions? You’re not alone! They’re called frequently asked questions for a reason, and our FAQs about the Holler Brewing Co. Spring Fling Market are:

How much is admission to the Spring Fling at Holler Brewing? 

Admission to the Holler Brewing Co. Spring Fling is free, so you can allocate your hard earned money as you see fit. We recommend beer. 

Can I bring my kid(s)?

Well-behaved children are welcome at Holler Brewing Co.; they even have a changing table! 

Can I bring my dog(s)?

Well-behaved canine companions are allowed on the patio at Holler Brewing Co. For the safety of your dogs, you, and others, please make sure that your dogs remain leashed and under your control at all times. 

What if I don’t drink beer?

That’s totally fine! Holler Brewing Co. offers other beverage options, including their legendary housemade rootbeer which is so famous it has its own designated tap.

So what do you say? Will we see you at Holler Brewing on Saturday? 

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