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Very few things can compare to the excitement of Field Trip Day in school. However, we happen to know of an opportunity to recapture that feeling, but with some small adjustments: instead of kids there will be beer!

On Saturday, July 20th, join us for some suds and science during the 2024 Houston Brewsology Beer Fest at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Not only will dozens of your favorite Texas craft breweries be pouring samples of their brews, 2024 Brewsology BeerFest attendees will have special, after-hours access to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to enjoy the exhibits. Most enticing of all? We will be there, so you can shop Spunk’N’Disorderly Beer Soaps, which happen to be made using beer and science, while enjoying some beer and science!

As all good scientists know, it’s important to research before drawing a conclusion, so here are some fast facts about this beer festival. 

2024 Houston Brewsology Beer Fest Information:

What: Houston Brewsology Beer Fest

When: Saturday, July 20th from 7 pm - 11 pm

Where: Houston Museum of Natural Science in Houston, Texas (5555 Hermann Park Dr., Houston, TX 77030)

Who: More than 50 of your favorite craft breweries, hundreds of other craft beer lovers, and a couple of Tyrannosaurus rex

Need some more information before making your informed decision about the 2024 Brewsology Beer Fest? Don’t worry; that was just the abstract! There is lots more information below. As always, please remember that we do not speak for Brewsology Beer Fest. The best place to find event updates will be on the official Brewsology website. 

So I present to you, the Spunk’N’Disorderly Beer Soap Houston Brewsology Beer Fest FAQs:

What is Brewsology Beer Fest? 

Imagine if your school field trip to the museum grew up. That’s basically what the Brewsology BeerFest is. Attendees will be able to explore the museum and enjoy exhibits, while drinking some delicious craft beer. 

Where is the 2024 Houston Brewsology BeerFest?

Brewsology attendees are in for a treat: the 2024 Houston Brewsology Beer Festival will be held at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (located at 5555 Hermann Park Dr., Houston, TX 77030). With the largest paleontology hall in the United States containing more than 60 major skeleton mounts (including the most complete Triceratops skeleton ever discovered and the ever-popular “Slothzilla”), one of the world’s largest sundials, and a gem vault with stunning treasures that will dazzle even the most discerning “gemmaphile”, there is an exhibit for everyone to enjoy. 

How much is it to attend Houston Brewsology 2024?

There are three tiers of Houston Brewsology tickets for sale: General Admission, Early Admission, and VIP Admission. 

General Admission Brewsology tickets are $55*, and include beer samples along with exclusive after-hours access to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the included exhibits. 

Early Admission Houston Brewsology Tickets are $70*, include everything that comes with General Admission beer fest tickets, and also allow you to enter Brewsology beer fest an hour before general admission attendees, with access to limited, specialty beer samples. 

2024 Houston Brewsology VIP Admission Tickets are $95*, includes all of the benefits of Early Admission, and also includes souvenir glassware, as well as $30 in food credits to be used at the festival. 

Not a drinker? Not a problem! Designated Driver tickets to Houston Brewsology 2024 are available for $30*.

*Prices do not includes fees and/or taxes, and are set by the event organizers.

What time is Houston Brewsology Beer Fest 2024?

General Admission ticket holders for the 2024 Houston Brewsology Beer Fest will have access to the festival from 8 pm through 11 pm. Attendees who purchased Early Admission or VIP tickets will be able to enter the Brewsology beer festival at 7 pm, and can enjoy the festivities through 11 pm. 

Where can I buy 2024 Houston Brewsology Beer Festival tickets?

Tickets for the 2024 Houston Brewsology Beer Fest are available for sale on Eventbrite, which you can reach by clicking here. 

Who will be at the 2024 Brewsology Beer Fest in Houston?

Us! And isn’t that enough? But seriously, the 2024 Houston Brewology BeerFest has a pretty fabulous line-up of more than 50 craft breweries and/or cideries. Of course Houston craft brewery staples like Spindletap Brewery, Freetail Brewing Co., B52 Brewing, and 11 Below Brewing will be present, but some out-of-town breweries like Urban South NOLA, Boulevard Brewing Co., and Wild T will also be making an appearance and should not be missed. Make sure to check out the Houston Brewsology website for a full list of attending breweries! In addition to the breweries and their representatives, you can also expect to see lots of beer lovers. 

What if it rains during the Houston Brewsology Beer Fest?

Honestly, you might not even notice! Houston Brewsology Beer Festival is inside HMNS (aka the Houston Museum of Natural Science), so it is a rain or shine event. 

Will there be food at Houston Brewsology 2024?

What’s a beer festival without something tasty to sober you up between your (many) samples? Brewsology Beer Fest organizers teamed up with one of the Houston Museum of Natural Science exclusive caterers to create a fabulous menu with a variety of options including a slider bar, street tacos, and crawfish étouffée. To see the full Houston Brewsology food menu, click here. 

Can my kid come with me to Brewsology Beer Fest?

All Brewsology BeerFest attendees must have a ticket, and be at least 21 years old. No one under the age of 21 will be admitted to Houston Brewsology; there are not exclusions for infants and/or toddlers. 

Can I bring my dog to Brewsology Beer Festival?

Pets are not allowed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. However, service animals that are trained to perform a specific task to assist with a disability are welcome at HMNS. 

What is the Houston Brewsology parking situation?

If you’ve ever visited the Houston Museum District, you know that parking can be difficult, and Houston Brewsology Beer Fest parking is no exception. There is some free parking near HMNS, and a parking map can be found here. 

Due to the limited parking (and high likelihood of you being inebriated at this Houston beer festival), we recommend carpooling and/or taking a rideshare. You’ll save on gas, and not having a DUI is definitely cheaper than having one!


Still want to do some more research into the Houston Brewsology Beer Fest? Visit the Brewsology Beer Festival website at brewsology.com

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