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Ladies and gentlemen, beer drinkers and seltzer savants, cider connoisseurs and wine lovers, I have some big news: we have gone international! Our first beer soap made with beer from an international brewery is now available for sale on our website.

Please welcome Eagle Brewery to our collection of featured breweries! Located in Bedford, England, Eagle Brewery believes that quality beer begins with quality ingredients, so they strive to use top-notch ingredients to brew their beers. To read more about Eagle Brewery, click here. 

Click here to see our craft beer soap handmade with beer from Eagle Brewery

Call us optimistic, but since we are hoping to expand our collection of international craft beer soaps, we have also updated our website. Now you can shop so you can easily shop our international craft beer soaps with a single click. Realistically speaking, our international collection will probably grow much slower than our others, so we will not have planned monthly releases (yet). Eventually that may change, and if it does we will make sure to share it here!

Click here to shop our beer soaps handmade with beer from international breweries

We are also working on offering international shipping, so hopefully we will have that finalized soon!

It’s kind of crazy to think that this all started with a single can of beer from a local craft brewery. Thanks to y’all’s support, we now have beer soap made with craft beer from more than 100 craft breweries from across more than 30 states, and now two countries (I figured we would have some Canadian beer soap before we had some from England, but I’m not complaining!)

Are there any international breweries that make craft beer so delicious you want to bathe in it? Let us know in the comments or send us an email! If we can get our hands on it, we would love to make soap with it!

*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Eagle Brewery. 

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