July 2021 Craft Beer Soap Releases

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This month we will have two craft beer soap releases: Friday, July 16th and Friday, July 30th. Our July 16th craft beer soap release will have seven new featured craft breweries, adding two new states to our collection: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


July 16th Craft Beer Soap Release
This month’s new featured craft breweries are Books & Brews, DuClaw Brewing Company, Hitchhiker Brewing Co., Hoppin' Frog Brewery,

McClure’s Orchard and Winery, Untitled Art, and Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.*

Keep reading to find out more information about these craft breweries and for a link to purchase them when they are available. 

Books & Brews

Indianapolis, Indiana



Anyone who knows me knows I love books. Bookstores are dangerous to my bank account. I will happily sit and read for hours and, if possible, will read them all in one sitting. Is it any surprise I immediately loved Books and Brews? With multiple locations in Indiana, Books & Brews describes itself as “a place for people without a place…for the reader, for the scholar, for the gamer, for the drinker, for the music lover, for the individual”. They brew craft beers that are named after books, sell gently used books, and are big supporters of IndyReads, a nonprofit that seeks to increase literacy rates in children and adults. Read More

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DuClaw Brewing Company

Baltimore, Maryland



DuClaw Brewing Company brews by a motto: Craft be cherished, rules be damned. Located in Maryland, DuClaw Brewing Co. has been brewing since 1996. Known for producing quality beer, the brewers at DuClaw Brewing are not afraid to get creative and take risks; their fun brews have gained them local and international fans. Read More

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Hitchhiker Brewing Co.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Did you know that technically Pennsylvania is a commonwealth, not a state? Regardless, we are excited to add Pennsylvania to our map with our first PA featured craft brewery: Hitchhiker Brewing Co.! Since opening in 2014, Hitchhiker Brewing Co. has expanded from a 3bbl (93 gallons) system to two locations with a combined four 15 bbl fermentors, 30bbl Brite Tank, and two 30 bbl Oak Foerders, as well as an expanding collection of wine and spirit barrels. Read More

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Hoppin’ Frog Brewery

Akron, Ohio



Let’s face it: Hoppin’ Frog doesn’t need much of an introduction. Their success and awards speak for themselves; you don’t distribute to half of the United States and almost 40 countries without brewing some delicious beer, and you surely don’t become rated one of the Top 100 Brewers in the World for 14 years by producing mediocracy. Read More

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McClure’s Orchard and Winery

Peru, Indiana



McClure’s Orchard and Winery is proof that one decision can change your life! One day, a couple found an abandoned, overgrown apple orchard and decided to purchase it. A couple of decades later, that orchard is unrecognizable. Today it is an apple farm and an award-winning winery, with wines and more made from their farm grown produce. Read More

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Untitled Art

Waunakee, Wisconsin 



We made it to the Badger State! Untitled Art is our first featured Wisconsin brewery, and we have been big fans for a while. Since 2016, Untitled Art has been putting their unique perspective and artistic stamp on the craft beer industry, approaching brewing as an art form on all fronts. They regularly collaborate with artists for their can art, and their limited edition collaborations with other breweries are highly sought after.  Read More

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Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

St Louis, Missouri 



Urban Chestnut, oh we love you! Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company appreciates both tradition and innovation; they brew both modern and traditional styles of beer, so there is something for everyone. In addition to brewing delicious beer, UCBC also makes it a priority to increase their positive impact on the community and environment by implementing strategies and policies to be more environmentally friendly, and to support local vendors/suppliers. Read More

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*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Books & Brews, DuClaw Brewing Company, Hitchhiker Brewing Co., Hoppin' Frog Brewery, McClure’s Orchard and Winery, Untitled Art, or Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

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