November 2021 Craft Beer Soap Releases

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These November beer soap releases are the biggest of the year! Since beer soap is a fantastic gift for beer lovers we wanted to make sure y’all had plenty of options. This month we will have two craft beer soap releases: Sunday, November 14th and Sunday, November 28th. Our November 14th craft beer soap release will have 12 new featured craft breweries, adding Michigan and Utah to our map (which brings us to 35 out of 50 states, or 70% of the United States)! This will also be our last regular upload for this year; we will have a small release next month, but our main focus will be shipping out our craft beer soaps (and trying to survive the season!).


November 14th Craft Beer Soap Release 

This month’s new featured craft breweries are Against The Grain, Avery Brewing Company, Bad Dad Brewing Co., Energy City Brewing, Ever Grain Brewing Co., HopMantis Brewing Co., Indiana City Brewing Company, Noble Ale Works, Odd Side Ales, Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling, SaltFire Brewing Co., and Varietal Beer Company.*

Keep reading to find out more information about these craft breweries and for a link to purchase these new craft beer soaps when they are available.


Against The Grain
Louisville, Kentucky 
Against The Grain Brewery and Smokehouse opened in 2011, making them the first brewer-owned and operated brewery in Louisville. Since they were the owners, the brewers could do what they really wanted to: brew beer and have fun doing it. With beers such as Citra Ass Down, Who Schvarted, Ain’t No Haller-Blanc Grrl, and Deborah Deaux’s Helles, they proved that beer doesn’t have to be serious to be delicious. Read More 


Avery Brewing Company

Boulder, Colorado

Avery Brewing Company is a fan of firsts. Founded in 1993, they received their first GABF gold medal in 1994, and became the first packaged India Pale Ale in Colorado with Avery IPA in 1996. Talk about a busy couple of years! Read More

Click here to shop our Colorado beer soap handcrafted with beer from Avery Brewing Company


Bad Dad Brewing Co.

Fairmount, Indiana

If their billboards aren’t enough to get your attention, hopefully their beer names will! Started by a father and his sons, Bad Dad Brewing Co. brews tasty craft beer with names such as Tapestry of Obscenity, I’ll Turn This Car Around, and Pull My Finger. This family affair is quickly gaining fans with their fun, well-crafted beers. Read More

Click here to shop our handcrafted Indiana beer soaps handmade in Indiana with craft beer from Bad Dad Brewing Co. 


Energy City Brewing

Batavia, Illinois

When Heidi Files gave her husband David a home brewing kit, she had no idea what her gift would spark. Two years later David won his first Best In Show, and decided to start a brewery (with his loving wife, of course!). Originally open for only 3 hours a month, they are now open for 28 hours a month (more than a 700% increase!) Read More

Click here to view and/or buy beer soap handcrafted with craft beer from Energy City Brewing


Ever Grain Brewing Co.

Carlisle Pike, Pennsylvania 

From the time Ever Grain Brewing Co. opened in 2016, it was all about quality. Founders Larry Dolan and Norm Fromm recognized the importance of craft beer culture; instead of focusing on churning out tons of acceptable beer, they hired experts to help them brew and design cans of beer that were mind-blowing. To preserve their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, a small farm was planted with various types of fruit trees, along with beehives. Read More

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HopMantis Brewing Co.

Juniper, North Carolina

HopMantis Brewing Co. Profile

Just because a brewery isn’t big scale doesn’t mean its beer soap is any less amazing!When our home-brewing beer buddy HopMantis Brewing Co. asked if we could soap with his beer, we said absolutely! If there is one thing HopMantis Brewing Co. beer is full of (besides hops, obviously), it’s love for big, juicy beer flavors. Learn More Here

Click here to shop our handmade beer soap made with beer from HopMantis Brewing Co.


Indiana City Brewing Company

Indianapolis, Indiana

Inspired by “the ethos of the American craft beer revolution”, Indiana City Brewing Company aims to be constantly improving their brews, with the goal of making each batch better than the last. Read More

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Noble Ale Works

Anaheim, California

Noble Ale Works started brewing in 2011, and by 2016 they were already doubling their production capacity with a new and improved, much larger, brewhouse. Their delicious craft beer (and proximity to the Honda Center as well as Angel Stadium) have made them an Anaheim favorite. Read More

Click here to shop our California beer soaps handcrafted with California craft beer from Noble Ale Works 


Odd Side Ales

Grand Haven, Michigan

Odd Side Ales is proof that good things can come in small packages! Well…they start in them at least. Odd Side Ales started as a micro-brewery in 2010, and have already undergone three expansions to keep up with the growing demand for their delicious craft beer. Read More

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Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

San Antonio, Texas

Have you heard of a brewstillery? Neither had we, until we were introduced to Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling. Now that we have, we can’t stop talking about it! In addition to Texas craft beer, this San Antonio brewery also distills Texas whiskey. Read More

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SaltFire Brewing Co.

South Salt Lake, Utah

Did you know that, as recently as 2019, any not-state-run stores were unable to sell beer with an ABV of 4% or higher? So much great beer was unable to be sold! Luckily for Utah breweries, local liquor laws are evolving. Located in South Salt Lake, SaltFire Brewing Co. has a bustling taproom, and creates delicious Utah craft beer that would have been illegal a few years ago! Read More

Click here to shop handcrafted Utah beer soaps handmade with Utah craft beer from SaltFire Brewing Co. 


Varietal Beer Company

Sunnyside, Washington

Founded in 2016, Varietal Beer Company was initially intended to be an experimental brewery project. However, the overwhelming support from the community expanded from an experimental brewery to a brewery, taproom, and barrel program. Read More

Click here to shop our Washington beer soaps handcrafted with Washington craft beer from Varietal Beer Company 


*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Against The Grain, Avery Brewing Company, Bad Dad Brewing Co., Energy City Brewing, Ever Grain Brewing Co., HopMantis Brewing Co., Indiana City Brewing Company, Noble Ale Works, Odd Side Ales, Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling, SaltFire Brewing Co., and/or Varietal Beer Company.

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