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2021 is coming to an end (I feel like it just started!), and we are more thankful than ever for our amazing customers. We know that your first purchase is taking a chance on a new product, and we appreciate you taking that risk and giving us a shot to get you sudsed. And our repeat customers? Y’all are the best, and we are honored that you choose to keep shopping with us. Without you, we wouldn’t be here! Where is here, exactly? Let’s find out with our 2021 Beer Soap Statistics and Superlatives!


2021 Beer Soap Statistics

As of 11:59:59 pm on Friday, December 2021 we have beer soaps from:

2 Countries

craft beer soap world map of beer soap for sale by spunkndisorderly craft beer soaps teal and grey world map spunkndisorderly 2021 beer soap statistics and superlatives

United States craft beer soap for sale grey and teal map of the US of beer soap states spunkndisorderly 2021 beer soap statistics and superlatives spunkndisorderly.com
for a total of
299 Unique Beer/Cider Soaps
Beer Soap Superlatives

Okay, that’s what we have. But which were y’alls favorites? Here (in alphabetical order) are our 2021 Beer Soap Superlatives.

Fastest Sell-Outs:

You came, you saw, you snatched them all up! These four beer soaps sold out nearly immediately! 

Boiler Black Beer Soap

Love Struck Hefe Beer Soap

Rainbow Pop Beer Soap

Stripper Dust Beer Soap


Best Sellers:

We keep increasing our batch sizes, but y’all cant’t get enough! These three beer soaps are our overall top sellers. 

Hopadillo Beer Soap

Love Street Beer Soap

Supersize Slushy Beer Soap


Top Selling Breweries:

The BTS A.R.M.Y ain’t got nothing on y’all! Our shelves (and store analytics) speak for themselves, and these are our top two best selling breweries.

450 North Brewing Company

No Label Brewing Company


Most Consistent Beer Soaps

They might not fly off the shelves immediately, but we regularly find ourselves tucking one (or more!) of these four craft beer soaps into bags and boxes. 

Arrogant Bastard Beer Soap

Buckle Bunny Beer Soap 

Raspberry Wheat Beer Soap

Rocket Fuel Beer Soap


Surprising Favorites

Sometimes we are confident that we have knocked a beer soap out of the park, but other times we aren’t so sure. We may have questioned these three soaps, but they sold better than we had initially expected! 

Badger Beer Soap

El Gran Pepinillo Beer Soap

Mango Habanero Cider Soap


What craft cider and craft beer soap statistics and superlatives would you like to see in next year’s blog?

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