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Don’t get me wrong: we love crushing shower beers. However, in this crazy world, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and enjoy a nice, long bath. And if you’re going to go through the trouble of preparing your bath, you may as well embrace your inner fancy and add some bubbles and some wine or bubbly. Admittedly, I’m not a wine expert. But even I know that soapy water, spilled wine, or a shattered glass won’t pair well with that chilled Chardonnay. You could always grab some wine in a can and use a Sudski, but if you prefer to pour your own serving size from a bag or a bottle, the Sipski may be just what your bath or shower needs. 


The Sipski is shower or bath wine holder. Made of silicone by 30 Watt, the Sipski uses patented grip technology to stick to (most) glossy surfaces. This patented grip technology makes the Sipski bath wine holder easy to install; it requires no tools, adhesives, or suction cups, and leaves no damage when removed. It can also be reapplied, so you adjust its location (for example, if you want to use it a shower wine holder instead of a bath wine holder for a while). All you have to do is follow the easy application instructions, and your new Sipski bath wine holder will be ready to elevate your bath experience and keep your wine safe from spilling.


While it may be tempting to use proper glassware with your bath wine holder, safety trumps style: only plastic or shatterproof glassware should be used in the Sipski. Having spilled wine and a shattered wineglass in my bubble bath doesn’t sound enjoyable at all. 


Always drink in moderation. It is important to use caution when imbibing in alcoholic beverages in the bathtub or shower. Use caution when exiting the bathtub, especially if you have been drinking. 


To shop the Sipski, click here! 

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