The Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil in Soap

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One great thing about summer is the increased availability of lemonade and lemon flavored adult beverages. However, lemon juice and lemon zest aren’t the only things to appreciate about lemons: they also contain lemon essential oil! But what exactly is lemon essential oil? How is lemon essential oil made? And what are the benefits of lemon essential oil in soap? Keep reading to find out!*

What is lemon essential oil? 

Simply put, lemon essential oil is an oil from the peel of a lemon. Lemon essential oil is naturally occurring, and true lemon essential oil is all natural and does not contain additional chemicals. 

How is lemon essential oil made?

Lemon essential oil is made by putting lemon peels through a process called cold-pressing, where the peels are pricked by needles and then mechanically pressed, squeezing the lemon essential oil out of the punctures. Want to know more? Check out our blog The Essentials of Essential Oils.

What are the benefits of lemon essential oil?

There are several benefits of lemon essential oil! Studies have shown that lemon essential oil leads to reduced levels of stress and improved moods; the smell of lemon essential oil can also help decrease nausea.

While lemon essential oil has benefits when used in aromatherapy, there are even more benefits of lemon essential oil in soap. Studies have shown that lemon essential oil can help prevent infection from some common strains of bacteria, can be a powerful antifungal, and can help prevent skin redness and irritation. Finally, lemon essential oil is full of antioxidants and Vitamin C that can help brighten and improve your skin texture. 

Ultimately there are many benefits of lemon essential in soap. Not only will you receive the mood-boosting benefits of lemon essential oil when you smell it, you will also get the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and skin improving benefits of lemon essential oil in soap. 

Although there are many benefits of lemon essential oil, it can be dangerous if used improperly. Do not ingest any essential oils, or apply them topically (to your skin) directly and undiluted (get proper instruction, and prepare them properly before use). This blog should not be considered medical advice. Before beginning use of essential oils in any capacity consult a licensed medical professional to see if essential oils are safe for you to use. If any adverse reactions occur when you use any essential oil(s), discontinue use immediately.  

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