10 Ways To Celebrate American Craft Beer Week

Beer Holiday

American Craft Beer Week starts this week! Want to celebrate? Here are 10 ways for you to celebrate and support American craft beer and craft breweries during American Craft Beer Week.


Try A New Craft Beer

Technically you could enjoy American Craft Beer Week by drinking your favorite craft beer. But should you? There are so many tasty new beers to try! In fact, some craft breweries release special or limited edition craft beers during American Craft Beer Week. Why deny yourself a sip of potential greatness?

If the siren lure of your favorite craft beer at your local independent brewery is too much to resist, you could always…


Visit A New Taproom

With more than 9,000 operating craft breweries in the United States as of 2021, it shouldn’t be hard to find a craft brewery near you! Check out that one local independent brewery you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t made it to yet. Want to get out of town? Road-trip (carpooling recommended, designated driver required!) to another city and check out the independent brewing scene there. If you’d rather spend your hard earned money on beer instead of gasoline, CraftBeer.com has a Brewery Finder that can help you find the closest craft and independent breweries near you.

Don’t like going places alone? You could always…


Take A Friend (To An Independent Brewery)

Your friends (probably) are well aware of your love for craft beer, but have you shown them why you are so passionate about it? Some good food and great beer will turn them into a craft beer lover in no time!

You’ve already converted your friends to craft beer drinkers? You could always…


Test Your Taste

Think you know your craft beer? Put yourself to the test this American Craft Beer Week and prove your prowess! Have someone set up a mystery flight of beer for you (play with your friends for maximum fun!), and see how good you really are at identifying different craft beers.

That’s too easy for you? You could always…


Find Your Favorite Hops

Do you have an affection for Amarillo or an appreciation for Azacca? Do you have a crush on Cascade, or do you only cherish Chinook? This American Craft Beer Week, do some taste tests and see if you can find your favorite strain of hops!

Taking some time off drinking? You could always…


Buy Some Merch

You don’t have to buy beer to support a brewery. Just buy something else! Tons of craft breweries have at least one item of craft brewery merchandise that you can purchase. T-shirts and pint glasses with the brewery name and logo are common, but there are all kinds of fabulous goodies out there like tin tackers, hats, pins, tap handles, sunglasses, dog toys, and more!

Short on cash? You could always…


Get to ‘Gramming (aka Post Stuff Online)

If you’re saving all of your cash for craft beer and don’t have the money for merch, that’s totally cool. Share the love, as well as a picture of your delicious beer and the wonderful time you’re having, and make sure to name and tag the brewery. You just might inspire someone else to go check it out.

Not a social media butterfly? You could always…


Write A Review

When reading reviews, I try to remember that people are far more likely to leave a review about a bad experience than a good one…and that people will complain about nothing. This American Craft Beer Week, hop online and leave a review for your favorite craft brewery. It doesn’t have to be long, but they’ll appreciate it!

Not a fan of writing? You could always…


Help The Cause 

Is sitting on the sidelines not your style? Want to be more involved with supporting the craft beer cause? Get in the game this American Craft Beer Week and volunteer! With beer festivals all over the country, and special American Craft Beer Week events, many breweries would love some extra hands to help out for a few hours. Bonus? Most of the time they’ll thank you in beer!

Short on time? You could always…


Drink American Craft Beer

Let’s face it, the best way to celebrate American Craft Beer Week is to drink some American Craft Beer! Responsibly, of course. And with a designated driver.  


What is your favorite way to celebrate American Craft Beer Week? Did it make the list? Let us know in the comments! 

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