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*We started this project last year but, due to some unexpected delays (including what has not-so-affectionately become known as The Not-So-Great Christmas Day Flood of 2022), we had to push back the official announcement. But it’s finally time to share…we hope it was worth the wait!*

Get ready to snatch up some new soaps: there are two new Terp Slerp beer soaps in the Terp Slerp Slush x Spunk’N’Disorderly collaboration collection! Curious about the craft beer soap collection? Keep reading to see pictures and learn more information about the Terp Slerp beer soap collection.

What started as a single batch of (admittedly fabulous) beer soap has turned into one of our favorite collections. After seeing pictures of our initial round of Terp Slerp beer soap, the owner of Terp Slerp Slush reached out to get some bars of his own.

So, let’s see the soaps! 


Terp Slerp Slushy Beer Soap 

Blue yellow and red beer soap made with Terp Slerp Slushy XL Beer Soap by Spunk'N'Disorderly Beer Soaps

The Terp Slerp beer soap that started the collection, the original Terp Slerp beer soap. Inspired by and containing Terp Slerp Slushy XL beer from 450 North Brewing Company in collaboration with Terp Slerp Slush, this artisan soap was designed to echo the gorgeous label art, while its raspberry, plum, and vanilla fragrance is fruity and sweet, and reflects the raspberry and candy its namesake craft beer is made with. Unsurprisingly it flew off the shelves, but luckily we were able to find another couple of cans for a Terp Slerp Slush custom order!


Terp Slerp Remix Beer Soap

orange yellow and red swirl beer soap made with terp slerp remix slushy xxl by 450 north brewing company beer soap by spunkndisorderly beer soaps

When the Terp Slerp Slush owner offered to send us some more beer for a beer soap collaboration, we couldn’t agree fast enough…especially when he mentioned it was Terp Slerp Remix! Like the original Terp Slerp Slushy beer soap, this handcrafted soap was designed to honor its inspiration: the beer inside the soap. From the cherry and pineapple scent to the orange, yellow, and red design, this Terp Slerp Slush x Spunk’N’Disorderly Beer Soap pays homage to Terp Slerp Remix Slushy XXL from 450 North Brewing Company in collaboration with Terp Slerp Slush. 


Terp Slerp Fros’e Beer Soap

green blue and yellow swirl beer soap made by spunkndisorderly beer soaps with terp slerp fros'e from kings brewing company

We initially mentioned this craft beer soap in a blog earlier this year, but now it’s time for all the details! Like the other artisan soaps in this Terp Slerp Slush x Spunk’N’Disorderly Beer Soap collaboration collection, these beer soaps are designed with the can art as inspiration. However, unlike the others, this beer soap contains no beer from 450 North Brewing Company. Instead, it’s made with Terp Slerp Fros’e from Kings Brewing Company in collaboration with Terp Slerp Slush and smells like rainbow candy. 


Which is your favorite of the Terp Slerp Slush in collaboration with Spunk’N’Disorderly beer soaps collection?

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