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Hi y’all! We missed you! I know it has been a while; sorry I ghosted. Trust me, it’s me, not you. I love writing these blogs, drinking beer, and chatting with y’all about all sorts of wonderful things, but sometimes life throws some curves in your path and apparently we were due for some switchbacks at both our Indiana and Texas locations. No one told us that being adults and small-business owners would be this hard! Not that we would choose to be doing anything else, it just would’ve been nice to have a warning, ya know?

COVID finally infiltrated our defenses, leaving our Texas team under the weather for a couple of weeks. In addition to that, our Indiana location was forced to temporarily stop production, close, and permanently relocate when a pipe burst above our unit, causing an indoor rainstorm and enough damage to require gutting of the entire unit to ensure no lasting water and/or mold damage. Though our insurance did help with some of the financial losses, being unable to operate for more than two and a half weeks did put us behind in our custom orders and regular soaping schedule, and caused a great deal of anxiety and stress for our team. We are so thankful for our amazing support system for helping us through the process, sacrificing their time and their dryness to help get SpunkNDisorderly Indiana back up and running again. And we are thankful for you! We brag all the time about how great y’all are, and we mean it every time. Thank you for reaching out and offering support, continuing to visit the website even when no new content was up, and for your patience in as shipments are delayed or adjusted due to soaps getting damaged in the flood. 

So, thank you for your patience; we are sending you (yes, YOU, the one reading this blog. You in particular) all of the positive vibes, and wishing nothing but hoppy times and short lines. Soon we will be announcing where you can shop our craft beer soaps at market and pop-up events, and we have some fabulous new soaps that will be making their debuts on the website soon. If you just can’t wait, check out the exclusive, ultra-limited edition Terp Slerp Fros’e beer soap made with Terp Slerp Fros’e from Kings Brewing Company. It’s brand new and so exclusive that we don’t have any available to purchase on our website; the only place to get it is from Terp Slerp Slush!

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