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Today is October 10th, which means it’s Pick-Up Line Day! Why October 10th? Because today’s date, much like you, is 10/10.

So, in celebration of Pick Up Line Day, here are 10 of our favorite pick-up lines about beer*


I know we barley know each other, but I’d love the hopportunity to buy you a beer!

This beer themed pick-up line is perfect for in-person, or to move the conversation from online to in-person; it’s clever, and a free beer is hard to resist. Follow it up with the suggestion of a fabulous local craft brewery and you have a hoppy time on your low-pressure date. Don’t forget to pick up the tab for that beer! You did offer. 


Want to gose and get a beer?

Who doesn’t love a bit of word-play? However, this pick-up line may not work on everyone; beer fans are best. If they’re not a fan of beer they may think you’re a terrible speller (or pronounce “go” very strangely). 


If you were a beer, you’d be a FINE-ekin. 

It’s bold and it will not work for and/or on everyone. But when it does? It’s magical. Now keep in mind, if you’re talking to a craft beer loving lady, she may not love this pick-up line. After all, she prefers small-batch over big business! 

Instead, try this bonus beer-themed pick-up line:

If you were a craft beer, you’d be Sippin’ Pretty

This Colorado craft beer is beloved for a reason. If she hasn’t had one, consider offering to pick up the tab for her to try one. After all, what beer loving lady doesn’t love a guy with excellent taste in craft beer?


How about a beer? I’m buying! 

This beer-themed pick-up line can work for anyone! All you have to do is offer and follow through. If they accept? Great! You have a beer and someone to chat with. If they decline? Great! Now you have money for two beers for yourself! (Or you could ask someone else. Your choice!)


And here I thought this beer would be the best blonde here. Guess I was wrong!

This pick up line is great for individuals who prefer blondes…ales of course! For best results, this beer themed pick-up line should be delivered with a partially consumed Blonde Ale in your hand. If they laugh, fabulous! Introduce yourself. If they just give you an odd look, smile, say “it was worth a shot!”, and move on. They don’t appreciate your humor. 


Can I get you something? An IPA? A sour? My number?

Some pick-up lines are high-risk/high-reward, and this one is all about the delivery. If you use this beer-themed pick up line, make sure to deliver it with confidence. Hopefully the recipient of your affections will take you up on at least one of your offers.  


Want to grab a beer and howl at the moon?

This beer-themed pick up line is kind of weird, but if you’re planning on using it so are you! And if you’re weird, it makes sense you’d want someone who appreciates your weirdness. So, instead of hiding it, go ahead and let it out with this pick-up line. Why wait? Better to find out sooner rather than later that they don’t appreciate the unique brand that is you.  


I’ve never been to this brewery before. What would you recommend? 

This pick-up line is great because you may find a new favorite beer! There are two keys to this beer-themed pick-up line: sincerity and an open mind. If you try to use this pickup line at your regular hangout, the bartenders who know you by name will be a dead give-away. Be sincere when asking; people can tell when you’re genuine and when you’re not. And finally: have an open mind! They may recommend something outside of your usual preferred style. As long as you don’t have any allergies, give it a try. You don’t have to order a pint (unless you want to!), but at least sample their recommendation. Most importantly: do not criticize their taste! It’s okay not to like it, but don’t tell them why their preferences are “wrong”. 


They were right about beauty being in the eye of the beer-holder. Your eyes are absolutely stunning. 

Much like #5 on our list of beer-themed pick-up lines, we recommend having a beer in your hand when delivering this one. A little bit of effort for quite a bit of effect. Plus you get to drink beer, so everyone wins! Make sure that you are *actually* looking into their eyes when using this beer-themed pick-up line. 


Do you mind if I sit here and hit on you while I drink my beer? 

Hate the awkward introductions and wish you could make sure you’d both swipe right before investing your best moves? This beer-themed pick-up line is the one for you. 


BONUS Hi! I’m (name). 

It’s a classic for a reason. Short, sweet, and easy to remember. While it may not technically be a beer-themed pickup line, if you use it at a brewery or with a beer in your hand it could be!


Did we miss any good beer-themed pick-up lines? Which one of these would work on you? 


*We do not guarantee that these pick-up lines will work. Don’t be creepy. If they’re not interested in you, for whatever reason (you are not owed an explanation), accept and respect it and move on. Remember: consent is queen, and you are not entitled to anyone’s time, attention, or affection (regardless of how many drinks you buy them). 


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