450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze BeerFest 2022 Stats and Recap

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As you may know, one of the places you can find our craft beer soaps is inside the brewery that makes the beer inside so many of our best-selling soaps: 450 North Brewing Company in Columbus, Indiana. When they invited us to have a booth at their Corn Maze BeerFest, it was an offer we wouldn’t dream of refusing! And, of course, we had to get into the 450 North Corn Maze Beer Fest spirit! Curious about the event? Here’s our 2022 450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze BeerFest Statistics(ish) and Recap

For the 2022 450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze BeerFest, we had more than 25 different styles of beer soap made with 450 North beer. While we had some restocks of previous favorites, such as Hawaiian Juice and Juice-Ade, we also had 11 new 450 North beer soaps making their debuts. 

Unsurprisingly (y’all were at their Corn Maze BeerFest!), you loved the 450 North Brewing Co. beer soaps. And churros. Seriously; our Churro beer soaps were flying off the shelf as fast as the food truck next to us was pulling their churros out of the fryer. Sweet treats were the must-haves; making their debut appearances, our Rainbow Popsicle beer soap and C.A.N.D.Y. Dragon beer soap were breakout top-sellers. Speaking of sweet treats, our favorite beer from the 450 North Beer Garden was the Trippie Hippie Slushy XL. (That’s not exactly surprising for anyone who knows my palate. Trippie Hippie was made with Cara Cara Orange, Red Dragonfruit, and Passionfruit.) 

Every good host knows not to neglect their guests; while we weren’t exactly (okay, at all) involved in hosting the 450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze BeerFest, we still wanted to show the visiting breweries some hospitality. So, in addition to our 450 North beer soaps, we made sure to make soap with their beer too! To be precise, we used craft beer from 9 of the visiting breweries to make 11 different styles of beer soap, half of which who were making their debut appearance. (For those of y’all who are interested, that’s more than 36 different styles of beer soaps at the Corn Maze BeerFest, each made with and inspired by a different craft beer.) Unlike the 450 North beer soaps, there were no clear best-sellers. Instead, the love was spread fairly equally among all of the guest breweries. If we had to choose the top sellers, we would say that Drekker Brewing Company and Mast Landing Brewing Company had the sudsiest fans at the 2022 450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze BeerFest. 

Now that you know our Corn Maze BeerFest 2022 quantity statistics, let’s talk about the Corn Maze BeerFest experience. It. Was. AWESOME. 450 North Brewing Company can definitely put on a fantastic event. Though we can’t credit them with the gorgeous weather, their hard-work and dedication paid off. The lines moved quickly, the maze was just the right amount of maize-y (get it?!), and the available bathroom facilities remained remarkably clean. The volunteers were smiling, the paramedics were available and ready, and the attendees were having a wonderful time. 

Despite all of the fabulousness, there were a couple of things that we could have done that would have made our Corn Maze Beer Fest experience even better. Somehow in all of the kerfuffle of packing and preparing, we neglected to bring a very important box: the one containing our free soap samples and some of our weights! Without that box, we didn’t want to risk setting up our tent and potentially injuring someone/damaging something if the wind got too gusty. In the future, that will be the first box we load up! But honestly, overall, it was hard to have any complaints! It was so wonderful to meet some of our biggest supporters, and to just enjoy hanging out, drinking beer, and having a great time with some fabulous people. 

Now the big question: would we attend the 450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze BeerFest again? Totally and without question! We are already preparing for the 2023 450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze BeerFest!

Did you attend the 2022 450 North Brewing Co. Corn Maze Beer Fest? What was your favorite part? 

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