Activated Charcoal Benefits for Skin

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As you may have noticed, activated charcoal is a regular ingredient in our handmade soaps. Not only is it inert, so it won’t trigger allergic reactions, and a beautiful colorant, there are many activated charcoal benefits for skin. 

Don’t just grab some coals and rub them on your face and expect (good) results. Activated charcoal is created when charcoal is exposed to high heat (definitely hotter than your grill), and becomes a fine powder. The exposure to this high heat creates little holes in each tiny piece of charcoal. These holes are the key to several activated charcoal benefits for skin. By making activated charcoal highly absorbent, these tiny holes are believed to trap chemicals and toxins. When you wash the activated charcoal off of your face, you wash off what it trapped as well.  Along with the toxins, the holes trap and absorb comparatively large amounts of oil. Since the oils are trapped and rinsed off instead of stripped off by chemicals, some people find that it helps balance their skin, reducing the amount of oil without triggering overproduction. 

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are another one of the activated charcoal benefits for skin.  While the tiny holes trap and lift away toxins and other ick, the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of prevent new growth. By removing old bacteria and preventing new bacteria growth, activated charcoal can help reduce acne, remove redness, and prevent irritation for even the most sensitive skin. 

Finally, another one of the activated charcoal benefits for the skin is exfoliation. The small particles gently buff the skin, providing exfoliation without irritation. 

Ultimately, there are multiple activated charcoal benefits for skin, which is why we choose to utilize it so often. Since it is both vegan and natural, it also gives us the opportunity to offer bars containing activated charcoal to all of our shoppers! 

As of right now, our Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil soap is our best selling Vegan and All Natural bar. For more information or to purchase it, click here. 

The soap pictured is our just released Santo Beer Soap. Made with beer and activated charcoal, this soap is both cleansing and moisturizing. To purchase it, click here. 


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