Beer vs Cider: What’s the Difference?

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Beer vs Cider. Both have their die-hard fans, and many people (like us!) think they’re both delicious. While there are several differences, there are also several similarities when comparing beer vs cider. 

There are two main types of beer and two main types of cider. Cider comes in dry and sweet varieties, while beer has lagers and ales. Both beer and cider are created through fermentation, have similar alcohol contents, and are believed to have medical benefits (when consumed in moderation, of course!) While cider is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, studies have shown that drinking beer may reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.They also both go great in soap!

So beer vs cider: what’s the difference?

The primary difference when looking at beer vs cider is the ingredients. Beer is created by brewing and fermenting a malt, typically barley. Cider also involves fermenting, but instead of a malt, it is made by fermenting mashed apple or apple juice. This apple base results cider tasting sweeter than beers. 

Due to its lack of malt, hard cider is almost always gluten-free; while it is naturally gluten-free, some breweries may use additives that contain gluten. 

Despite popular belief, hard cider isn’t necessarily a healthier choice than beer. Due to its fruit juice base, hard cider generally has more calories than beer, and typically a much higher sugar content. 

Ultimately, when looking at beer vs cider, while there are several similarities, there are also differences. In fact, some people consider hard cider to be closer to wine than to beer since both cider and wine are created by fermenting fruit. When it comes to beer vs cider, there is no wrong answer! 

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