Beer Pairings For The 2024 Solar Eclipse

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Unless you’re living under a rock on the bigger rock we live on, you’ve likely heard about the upcoming solar eclipse. And if you haven’t, we’re about to tell you!

On Monday, April 8th 2024, a phenomenon they’re calling the Great North American Eclipse will occur. Do you remember the eclipse that happened in August 2017 that was one of the most watched events in history? It’s like that one, only better. 

And what better way to celebrate and observe an astronomical phenomenon than with a craft beer? Here are our beer pairings for the 2024 Great American Eclipse. 


The first of our beer pairings for the 2024 solar eclipse is The Great Eclipse. 

Brewed by 450 North Brewing Company in Columbus, Indiana, The Great Eclipse is a double dry-hopped double India Pale Ale with Citra & Mosaic hops named for (you guessed it!) the eclipse. It’s the perfect treat for your tastebuds while you watch cool space stuff. (Bonus: Since it is being released at 450 North Brewing Company’s Great American Eclipse Solarbration, acquiring this eclipse craft beer will put you in a prime viewing spot!) 

The Great North American Eclipse is a solar eclipse. This means that the moon will be passing between the Earth and the sun, which will (temporarily!) block the sun from being visible from Earth.

This brings us to our next beer pairing:

The second of our 2024 solar eclipse beer pairings is Ar’clipse of the Heart. 

Brewed by Lost Forty Brewing in Little Rock, Arkansas, Ar’clipse of the Heart is the official eclipse beer of Arkansas, and has a name as fabulous as the beer itself. This Helles Bock is a balanced and crisp option to enjoy during the ar’clipse. (Bonus: this spacetastic beer is a collaboration between Lost Forty Brewing and the Simons Foundation, so it’s basically scientifically guaranteed to be delicious).


What makes the 2024 solar eclipse special is a couple of things. In addition to being a total solar eclipse, meaning that the moon blocks all direct sunlight along the path of totality, and a partial solar eclipse for a larger area, it is the last solar eclipse that will be visible in the contiguous United States until August 2044. This brings us to our next beer pairing:

The third of our 2024 solar eclipse beer pairings is Moon Shadow. 

Brewed by Mountain Fork Brewery in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Moon Shadow is an aged-stout. Much like the universe, Mountain Fork realized that greatness takes time, and didn’t rush the magic of this small batch ale. 

It’s also a long eclipse; at one point along the path of totality, the total solar eclipse will last for longer than 4 minutes and 28 seconds! This brings us to our last of our beer pairings:

Our final beer pairing for the 2024 eclipse is Path of Totality. 

Brewed by Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas, Path of Totality is a black IPA brewed on Texas malts. (Bonus: Jester King Brewery is in the path of totality, so you will have nearly 2 minutes to enjoy this totality awesome beer in the totality.)

Bonus 2024 solar eclipse beer pairing: Don’t Stare Into the Sun

Remember to remind your kids (and yourself): safety first! Brewed by Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington, Indiana, Don’t Stare Into the Sun is an American IPA brewed exclusively with Eclipse hops. What better time to try this new strain of hops than during an actual eclipse? 


What will you be drinking during the Great American Solar Eclipse?


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