Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil in Soap

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Looking to (pumpkin) spice up your beauty routine? Pumpkin seed oil may not be the most popular oil on the shelf, but there are tons of benefits of pumpkin seed oil in soap. But what is pumpkin seed oil? How is it made? And what are the benefits of pumpkin seed oil in soap?


What is pumpkin seed oil?

Pumpkin seed oil is an oil that has been extracted from pumpkin seeds through either a hot or cold process.


How is pumpkin seed oil made?

Hot processed pumpkin seed oil involves crushing, roasting, and pressing the seeds, which gives an oil that is thick, dark, and full of pumpkin flavor. While hot-processing is an easier process and produces more oil, many of the nutrients are destroyed by the heat, which is why it is primarily used in cooking. For cold-processed pumpkin seed oil, the seeds are hulled (shelled), and then crushed and pressed with a modern steel press. While cold-processed pumpkin seed oil has less scent and flavor than hot processed, due to the lack of heat, cold-processed pumpkin seed oil retains the quality and benefits of the seeds (which is why we use cold-processed pumpkin seed oil in our craft beer soap). Cold-processed pumpkin seed oil is primarily used in cooking, but is also regularly used in the personal care and beauty industry due to the benefits of pumpkin seed oil in soap.


What are the benefits of pumpkin seed oil in soap ?

There are many benefits of pumpkin seed oil in soap. Not only is it rich in nutrients, it is also gentle enough for sensitive skin. Pumpkin seed oil is packed with nutrients that promote health and healthy skin including omega fatty acids, Vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and zinc. These nutrients can soothe inflamed skin, reduce redness, balance and tone skin, and have even been shown to potentially support wound healing, all while being gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

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