January 2021 Craft Beer Soap Releases

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It’s a new year, and we are excited to share what we have been working on! This month we will have two craft beer soap releases, one on Friday, January 15th and one on Saturday, January 30th. The first release will have soaps made with beer from breweries we haven’t featured before, and the second release will be new beer soaps made with craft beer from previously featured breweries. 
1.15.2021 Craft Beer Soap Release
One week from today there will be seven new beer soaps from five new breweries available for purchase on our website, adding two states to our map. The five featured craft breweries are Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales, True Respite Brewing Co., Urban South Brewing Company HTX, White Elm Brewing Company, and Wild Leap Brew Co. 
Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
Denver, Colorado
We selected Black Project beer because we loved their brewing philosophy (and the cans are pretty). According to their website, “Every Black Project beer is fermented with microbes captured from the local environment via a coolship or foraged from nature… We are meticulous about designing recipes and processes that will allow nature to take over and create beers unrivaled in their beauty and complexity.” Read More


True Respite Brewing Co.

Rockville, Maryland


We chose True Respite Brewing Co. because their philosophy spoke to our souls, they had colorful cans, and the beer names were amazing.  They believe that “True Respite is an experience far more than a name. It's a conscious choice to unlock the shackles of our ritualistic busyness and to instead be mindfully present in the beauty this life has to offer…the pure release found in taking a deliberate moment to relax and reflect on all of the incredible things that make this crazy life so beautiful.” Read More

Click here to see our craft beer soaps made with beer from True Respite Brewing Co.


Urban South Brewing Company HTX

Houston, Texas


We heard Urban South Brewing was coming to Houston, so we had to swing by and we are so glad we did! Urban South’s mission “is to inspire community…through the gospel of good beer…with fearlessness and integrity…[and] to be strong community partners and produce world-class beer" Read More

Click here to see our craft beer soaps made with beer from Urban South Brewing Company HTX.


White Elm Brewing Company

Lincoln, Nebraska


The first Nebraska craft brewery we have featured, the descriptions of beer from White Elm Brewing Company were enough to make us start drooling, so we hunted some down (and it was delicious!) White Elm Brewing Company “strives to bring modern takes on rustic ales to southeast Nebraska" Read More

Click here to see our craft beer soaps made with beer from White Elm Brewing Company


Wild Leap Brew Co. 

LaGrange, Georgia


We are excited to have our first featured Georgia craft brewery! Wild Leap Brew Co. is located in LaGrange, and believes in “celebrating that important first step that sets a dream in motion” Read More 

Click here to see our craft beer soaps made with beer from Wild Leap Brew Co.

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