Dangerous Days for DUIs and 2022 DUI Statistics Predictions

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Despite lock-downs and the nationwide push to work from home, DUI incidents have continued to increase. Experts took historical data from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and analyzed it to predict the most dangerous days for DUI related accidents and fatalities, as other DUI statistics predictions for 2022. Here’s what they found.  

- They predict that there will be more than 10,350 DUI fatalities this year

- Over the past five years, the number of fatal DUI incidents has increased by 8%.

The Most Dangerous Days of the Week to Drive

- Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week to drive.

- When considering DUI related incidents, the safest day of the week to drive is Tuesday

- More than 45% of fatal DUI accidents happen on Saturdays and Sundays.

- A significant portion of Sunday DUI related fatalities occur in the early morning hours.

Seasonal and Holiday DUI Statistics and Predictions

-  Summer is the deadliest season, accounting for 28% of annual drunk driving related fatalities. 

- Independence Day week is the deadliest week of the year for drunk-driving related fatalities.

- Experts predict there will be 233 drunk-driving related fatalities Independence Day week.

- New Year's Day is typically the most dangerous day for DUIs when considering drunk driving fatalities. 

- Independence Day is the second deadliest holiday for DUI related fatalities

-  The day you’re least likely to be involved in a drunk driving related incident is Christmas Day 

- Winter has the fewest DUI-related fatal accidents

- DUI related fatalities are spread through all seasons, with a 5% difference between the most dangerous season and the least dangerous season

- The second most dangerous week for DUI related fatalities of 2022 is predicted to be the week of August 8th.


Avoid becoming a part of the yearly DUI statistics by planning ahead to have a safe right home. Remember: a fail to plan is a plan to fail! We’re not talking Oceans 11 level here, just make sure to have a designated driver, whether that is a friend or your friendly neighborhood ride share driver. With so many easily accessible and affordable options, getting behind the wheel after drinking is completely unnecessary.

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