Red Cedar Soap Dishes Now Available

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Do you hate it when your soap sticks to the sink? Does the feeling of soggy bar soap make you sick? Do you want a quick, easy way to elevate your bathroom and avoid soap scum on your countertops or in your shower? Good news: we now have red cedar soap dishes for sale!  

These wooden soap dishes are handcrafted by Zero Waste MVMT, so each one is unique! There may be slight differences in color, size, and wood grain, but they are all 4 inches x 2.75 inches x .75 inches, made with natural red cedar, and have grooves to allow for proper water drainage. These grooves allow your bar soap to dry faster and more thoroughly than if it was sitting in water or on an unventilated surface, which helps extend the life of your soap bar. 

What are the benefits of using a red cedar soap dish? 

You probably already know that cedar is known for its pleasant smell, but did you know that there are other, practical benefits of red cedar? In addition to its beautiful color and soothing smell, red cedar is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and rot: three things that are encouraged by water exposure, but no one wants in their bathroom or kitchen!

How do you care for a red cedar soap dish?

Caring for a cedar soap dish is fairly easy. To get the best results, the most important thing to consider is the placement of your soap dish. Not only should it be out of the spray zone of your bathtub, shower, and/or sink for the sake of your bar soap, make sure it is also not somewhere that it will be sitting in water. 

Other than that, to care for your cedar soap dish, all you need to do is use warm water to rinse off any soap build-up or residue that you see. These cedar soap dishes are made with all natural red cedar; they are not sealed or stained, and may leak small amounts of oil and/or pigment during the first rinses. This is completely normal with freshly cut lumber; these oils are responsible for the benefits of natural red cedar, and you will see less of it after every rinse. 

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