March 2022 Craft Beer Soap Releases

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We are back in the office and hard at work after our spring break, and we have some exciting new soaps for this month’s craft beer soap releases. 
This month we will have two craft beer soap releases: Thursday, March 17th and Thursday, March 31st.
Our March 17th craft beer soap release will have six new featured craft breweries, (including our first featured Hawaii craft brewery!), and our March 31st beer soap release will have restocks and new offerings from our previously featured breweries. 

March 17th Craft Beer Soap Release 

This month’s new featured craft breweries are Destination Unknown Beer Company, Main & Mill Brewing Company, Maui Brewing Company, Modist Brewing Co., Odell Brewing Co., and Pivot Brewing Company.* 

Keep reading to find out more information about these craft breweries, and for a link to view (and purchase!) these new craft beer soaps when they are released.


Destination Unknown Beer Company

Bay Shore, New York 

All great things start small! Destination Unknown Beer Company (affectionately known as DUBCO to those who know and love it) was founded in 2014; since then, their brewing capacity has expanded to be more than 20 times than it was when they first opened. Their facilities aren’t the only thing expanding. DUBCO’s collection of innovative beers have earned them awards, accolades, and adoration from craft beer beginners to sud savants. Read More

Click here to shop our New York beer soap handcrafted with New York craft beer from Destination Unknown Beer Company 


Main & Mill Brewing Company

Festus, Missouri

Family owned and a neighborhood favorite, Main & Mill Brewing Co. is a hot stop on the old Festus, Missouri main street. With regular events including fundraisers, trivia, concerts, and other festivities, the bar, dining room, and upstairs deck of Main and Mill are typically bustling with happy bar-goers and craft beer enthusiasts. Read More

Click here to shop our Missouri beer soap handcrafted with Missouri craft beer from Main & Mill Brewing Company 


Maui Brewing Company

Kihei, Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii! We are so excited to have our first featured brewery from Hawaii, and our first Hawaii beer soap! You’ve heard of the Hawaii way of life? Maui Brewing Company is dedicated to the craft beer way of life. As the largest brewery in Hawaii (with multiple locations on Main and Oahu), they’re sharing that way of life across the islands every day. Read More

Click here to shop our Hawaii beer soap handcrafted with Hawaii craft beer from Maui Brewing Company


Modist Brewing Co.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

To achieve greatness, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. With their unusual approach to recipe development, custom built brewhouse, and refusal to be bound by trivial things like style guidelines, Modist Brewing Co. has leaped out of the proverbial box and sprinted away. Read More

Click here to shop our Minnesota beer soap handcrafted with Minnesota craft beer from Modist Brewing Co.


Odell Brewing Co.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Since being founded in 1989, Odell Brewing has been an independent craft brewery and, since 2015, is 100%  employee-owned. An evergreen company, Odell Brewing is driven by the 7 Ps of the Evergreen principles and philosophy, dedicating itself to making a difference in the world, and cementing its status as an independent brewery for the foreseeable future. Read More

Click here to shop our Colorado beer soap handcrafted with Colorado craft beer from Odell Brewing


Pivot Brewing Company

Lexington, Kentucky

Inspired by a Rosie the Riveter and founded by one of her descendants, Pivot Brewing Company has two main goals: to brew good and to do good. Their rotating collection of Kentucky beers and Kentucky ciders have dedicated fans across the country, the talented team of Kentucky artists consistently creates stunning pieces to adorn cans of tasty Pivot beer, and the Pivot Brewing impact is constantly expanding. Well, their positive impact on the community through their many outreach opportunities is expanding. Since signing the Brewers’ Climate Declaration and going solar in 2020, Pivot Brewing Company has been making (successful!) efforts to shrink their carbon footprint. Read More 

Click here to shop our Kentucky beer soap and Kentucky cider soap for sale handcrafted with Kentucky craft beer and/or craft cider from Pivot Brewing Company


*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Destination Unknown Beer Company, Main & Mill Brewing Company, Maui Brewing Company, Modist Brewing Co., Odell Brewing Co., and/or Pivot Brewing Company.

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