Father’s Day Gifts for Beer Loving Dads

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Father’s Day 2020 is less than a month away (Sunday, June 21st to be exact) and your dad deserves something awesome this year. While a six pack may be quick and easy to pick up, we have some suggestions for Father’s Day gifts for beer loving dads. 

Here are three Father’s Day gift ideas for beer loving dads. 

First Father’s Day Gift: First Time Dad Beer Labels 

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a first-time father (or any new father!), give him the gift of a beer when he really needs one. 

first Father's Day gift first time dad beer labels fathers day gifts for beer loving dads custom printed beer labels for fathers day

(Image from Paprika Paperie on Etsy)

These adorable beer labels from Paprika Paperie come ready to stick on to bottles of his favorite beer, and are each designated for a common new-dad frustrations such as dirty diapers, sleepless nights, endless crying, and 3 am feedings. All you have to do is pick up a 6-pack of his favorite brew and stick the labels on; when the occasion arises and he drinks the designated beer, he will be glad you did! Click here to visit Paprika Paperie on Etsy to see all of the options (If you’re planning on a Father’s Day pregnancy announcement, Paprika Paperie has beer labels for that too!)


Father’s Day Gift from Toddlers to Teens

As a child, it felt like I waited a lot. Lines at stores, waiting to get somewhere in the car, waiting for recess, always waiting. As an adult, I realized that the ones really waiting were my parents. School pick-up lines, soccer games, piano recitals, the list goes on. Now, this Father’s Day gift may be frowned upon at a piano recital, but it is perfect for yet another scoreless inning in the hot sun: a 64 oz, CO2 powered, double-wall insulated growler for on the go from GrowlerWerks. 

ukeg GO from growlerWerks growler on the go fathers day gift ideas for beer loving dads fathers day 2020 craft beer gift idea

(Image from GrowlerWerks)

It has a tap for easy pouring, and the regulator cap allows you to customize the amount of carbonation. Not only will it let your dad bring his favorite beer on the go for a day, the uKeg GO can maintain freshness and carbonation for weeks! It’s durable finish and rubber feet make it perfect to set beside a lawn chair or in some bleachers while he cheers and watches his kid make him proud. Click here to visit GrowlerWerks


Father’s Day Gifts from Adults

Let’s face it: many of us don’t spend as much quality time with our parents as they would like. 

Give your beer loving dad two things he loves (beer and quality time with you) by doing a beer tasting together. Due to COVID-19 you may not be able to do this in person, but video calls and even just audio ones will work as well.

Pick out four beers, and set aside some time to taste (or drink, we don’t judge!) them, and chat with your dad. With many breweries offering delivery, you can have them delivered right to your father’s door. You could give him some of his favorites, share some of your favorites with him, or even try four new beers from new breweries. 

If you want a true beer flight experience, consider ordering something like these handmade custom beer paddles for beer flights by Summit Engraving. 

summit engraving custom beer flight with glasses handmade beer flight paddle best fathers day gift ideas 2020 beer loving dad gift ideas

(Image from Summit Engraving on Etsy)

Glasses are included and each paddle is customized; is there any gift more perfect than a personalized beer flight paddle, some delicious craft beer, and quality time with his favorite child (trust us, with this Father’s Day gift you will be!) for a beer loving dad? Click here to shop Summit Engraving on Etsy


When it comes to picking the perfect Father’s Day gift for a beer loving dad, the most important thing is that it came from the heart. No matter what you choose to give him, he will love it because it is from you. 

None of these Father’s Day gift ideas for beer loving dads quite right? Consider giving him some craft beer soap! Shop our craft beer soap here. 

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