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Welcome to the wonderful life of being a craft beer soap owner! Proper care of your handmade soap will help it last as long as possible. Here’s how to care for your craft beer soap before, during, and after use. 

Before Use

If you aren’t planning on using your craft beer soap right away, proper storage is quick and easy! A dark, dry, temperature controlled environment is ideal for storing soap. Instead of storing your craft beer soap in your bathroom, try storing it somewhere like a clothing drawer, closet, or linen closet. Not only are those dark, dry, and temperature controlled, but you’ll get to enjoy the scent whenever you open the door/drawer.

Since our craft beer soaps do not include any artificial hardeners or preservatives, we recommend using them within a year for the best results. 

During Use

There are several ways to care for and extend the life of your craft beer soap as you are using it. 

The simplest way to care for your craft beer soap during use is to keep it out of the stream of water. Since water softens soap, a stream of water can erode a bar of soap faster than you would expect. If your craft beer soap is constantly having water drip/trickle over it, it won’t last nearly as long. 

Another way to care for your soap is, instead of using your craft beer soap on your hands or directly on your body, to use a washcloth, soap bag, or loofah. While our hands are good for many things, maintaining lather is not one of them. Either a soap bag, washcloth, or a loofah will provide you with additional exfoliation, and will also help your lather be thicker and last longer. 

Finally, if you are absolutely determined to do everything you can to care for your craft beer soap, lowering the temperature of your shower/bath will help your handmade soap last longer. You don’t need to freeze yourself; just making the water a few degrees cooler can help make a difference. 

After Use

How you care for your craft beer soap after you use it will make the biggest impact on its lifespan. 

After using your craft beer soap, make sure to place it somewhere that allows it to dry thoroughly. While built in soap dishes may be convenient, they often have a small lip that traps water, leaving soap to soak for long periods of time. Not only is soggy soap gross to touch, it is softer and erodes faster, resulting in a much shorter lifespan. 

When it comes to caring for your craft beer soap, small changes can give big results. By using and storing it properly, your craft beer soap will provide more uses. However, if you are only going to one thing to care for your craft beer soap, do this: let it dry between uses. If you do that, your craft beer soap will have a long, happy life. 

Want to become a craft beer soap owner, or add another to your collection? Shop our handmade craft beer soaps here! 

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