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*We are not affiliated with the individuals/companies making these products, nor are we receiving any benefits from including them. We just think their handmade beer jewelry is amazing.*

Holiday shopping season is upon us! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for a beer-loving lady, here are six pieces of handmade beer jewelry for her we love.

Dainty Hops Necklace: $38+

hops necklace handmade beer jewelry for her cabin no. 7 silver beer necklace hops necklace

Photo from CabinNo7 on Etsy

This dainty necklace is the perfect piece of beer jewelry for her. Made by Cabin No.7 designs in Hawaii, this pendant was designed by taking a sketch of hops and turning it into a wearable piece of art by hand-cutting sterling silver. At 15x13mm, it’s small size and stunning appearance make it the perfect piece of dainty handmade beer jewelry for her. 


Minimalist Hops Necklace: $21

minimalist hops necklace handmade beer jewelry for her from wishing flower jewelry

Photo from Wishing Flower Jewelry on Etsy

At 16x9mm, this is the smallest piece of handmade beer jewelry on our list. But don’t let its diminutive size fool you: it packs a visual punch. Handmade in the United States, this necklace from Wishing Flower Jewelry has a three-dimensional pendant of the hop seed cone. Plus it’s made of pewter, so you don’t have to worry about it tarnishing. 


Statement Hops Necklace: $57+

statement hops necklace WorkingClasp etsy handmade beer jewelry for her

Photo from WorkingClasp on Etsy

If you’re looking for a piece of beer jewelry that says something about the person wearing it, this necklace from Working Clasp will make quite a statement. Handmade with more than twenty individually etched components, the bib of the necklace is 140 millimeters wide and 70 millimeters tall, and depicts various parts of the hops plant. 


Upcycled Beer Can Earrings: $14

upcycled beer can earrings hop headed craft brewelry etsy handmade beer jewelry for her

Photo from HopHeadedBrewelry on Etsy

For beer jewelry with a story, these handmade earrings from HopHeaded Brewelry are made from upcycling empty beer cans. Handmade in Minnesota, these 12 mm earrings get their color from the recycled beer cans they are made with. The posts are surgical stainless steel so they will maintain their shine, and typically won’t cause any adverse skin reactions.


Molecular Minded Necklace: $32+ 

 molecular minded necklace handmade beer jewelry for her humulone molecule

Photo from MolecularMotifs on Etsy

While it may not be instantly recognized often (if ever!) this piece of handmade beer jewelry is ideal for the molecularly minded beer lover. The 1.3 inch pendant features the Humulone molecule, which is one of the bitters in hops that give beer the aroma and flavor we love. Not only is this beer necklace handmade in Oregon, it is also made from up-cycled metals, and packaged in earth-friendly, recycled paper. 


Natural Beauty Necklace : $19

hops beer necklace crafthouseTC etsy handmade beer jewelry for her hops cone

Photo from CraftHouseTC on Etsy

Hops are used to make a beautiful nectar, but they are also just lovely in their own right before they have been spent. Handmade in Michigan, this necklace pendant features real hops. The hops are dried and encased in clear resin, displaying the natural beauty of a cone. 



Is your favorite piece of handmade beer jewelry for her not on this list? Let us know what we are missing out on!

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