Our Favorite Christmas Beer Soaps of 2021

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Less than 2 weeks until Christmas, and we have an early gift for you: a surprise craft beer soap release, and a list of our favorite (Christmas) things! I don’t know about y’all, but I am not even almost prepared. If you’re still shopping for the perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for a beer lover (or someone who uses soap, you don’t have to pigeon-hole us!), our favorite Christmas beer soaps may be the perfect unique gift. 

So, without further ado (and in no particular order), here are our three favorite Christmas beer soaps of 2021.

First up in our list: Christmas Bomb! Come on, it has Christmas in the name. How could we not include it in our list of favorite Christmas beer soaps? This Oklahoma beer soap is handcrafted with Christmas Bomb! Imperial Stout from Prairie Artisan Ales*, and smells like hot coffee on Christmas morning: freshly brewed with cinnamon and hazelnut. 

christmas beer soap handcrafted with Oklahoma craft beer Christmas bomb imperial stout from prairie artisan ales red green and white beer soap Christmas beer soap by spunkndisorderly craft beer soaps

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If you prefer your soap to embrace the season without screaming Christmas, this Oregon beer soap does the job. This craft beer soap made our list of favorite Christmas beer soaps for several reasons. It’s made with Spruce Budd Ale from Fort George Brewery*, which is absolutely delicious, and contains spruce tips that were hand-harvested from spruce trees local to Fort George Brewery. One sniff will transport you to an evergreen forest, while the activated charcoal provides gentle, thorough cleansing power. 

 Oregon beer soap handcrafted with spruce budd ale from fort George brewery Christmas beer soap green beer soap for him with activated charcoal spruce beer soap by spunkndisorderly soaps

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Finally, your Christmas surprise craft beer soap release! Last in our list of favorite Christmas beer soaps of 2021 (but certainly not least!): this Seasick Crocodile beer soap. Handcrafted in Texas with Seasick Crocodile Sour Ale from Prairie Artisan Ales* (What can we say, Prairie Artisan Ales makes fantastic Christmas beer!), this Christmas beer soap smells like cranberry and fig, with notes of cinnamon, clove, and citrus. 


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Think you have a Christmas beer that's worthy of our list of favorite Christmas beer soaps? Tell us what it is; if we can get our hands on some, it may make the list next time! 


*We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Fort George Brewery and/or Prairie Artisan Ales. 

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