Shark Week Gifts Under $20 for Beer Lovers

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Life is weird right now, and lots of people (us included!) are frustrated with what seems destined to be the foreseeable future. However, there is a bright spot on our calendar: Discovery just announced the dates for Shark Week! Shark Week 2020 is scheduled to air Sunday, August 9th through Sunday, August 16th.

If you’re in need of a gift for a beer lover who enjoys shark week that won’t break the bank, here are three of our favorite under $20 shark themed gifts for beer lovers.

Shark Koozie - $9.99

shark can koozie neoprene coozie Shark Week Gifts Under $20 for Beer Lovers 

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As beer drinkers know, cold beer is far superior to warm beer. If you’re looking for a quirky Shark Week gift under $20, this koozie is the perfect gift. Made of neoprene and featuring a fin, beer lovers adore how it keeps their beer colder for longer. As an added bonus, when you buy this adorable shark koozie you are supporting the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. LMC is a nonprofit center that researches and rehabilitates sea turtles, and offers education and conservation programs.


Shark Bottle Opener - $13.19

shark bottle opener etsy

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There is something so satisfying about prying open a new bottle of beer. You know what beer lovers don’t find satisfying? Searching for a bottle opener. I swear some of mine have grown legs and walked away. If you’re shopping for a shark themed gift under $20 for a beer lover, this bottle opener is fun yet subtle enough to be used even when it isn’t Shark Week! This shark bottle opener includes personalization, so you can have it monogrammed, send a sweet message, or commemorate a special occasion. For an additional cost a wooden box can be added for storage and/or presentation.


Shark Pint Glass - $10

shark pint glass jaws pint glass etsy shark week

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You didn’t think I’d make a list about Shark Week gifts without including something featuring Bruce*, did you? While beer lovers aren’t typically lacking for pint glasses, most of us are still happy to get them! This Shark Week gift is under $20, and perfect for beer lovers. It features a big angry water timmy with an open mouth on one side, and the infamous one-liner Brody said before he (spoiler alert!) shoots the oxygen tank and annihilates the shark. While the pictured shark pint glass isn’t censored the shop, RockiPaperScissors, offers product customization and personalization so you can contact them to create the perfect gift for the beer lover you are shopping for.

When it comes to shopping for Shark Week themed gifts for beer lovers, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get them a gift they will appreciate.  

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*Bruce is the name of the animatronic shark used in filming Jaws. Although we don’t love the narrative of sharks being murderous blood-thirsty machines, that movie is iconic. 

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