Should You Choose A Brewery Wedding Venue?


Maybe you met at a brewery, maybe you both love beer, or maybe you have a special story totally unique to y’all (Perhaps a meet-cute in a specialty beer store? You both reached for the same can. Your eyes met. You felt it immediately.). Regardless, you love the idea of a brewery wedding venue. 

So, is a brewery wedding venue right for you? Here are four things to consider before making a decision.  


When planning a wedding, as with real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Although more than 80% of adults live within 10 miles of a craft brewery, not all locations will work as a brewery wedding venue. . 

Some breweries don’t offer wedding services; it doesn’t hurt to ask about the possibility, but don’t be surprised if they say no. Many breweries have restrictions that don’t permit specific types of events, while others simply don’t want to be a brewery wedding venue. has identified 17 gorgeous craft brewery wedding venues in 10 different states; check out their articles here and here to see if one is your perfect craft brewery wedding venue.


While I wish everyone could have their dream wedding day without worrying about finances, the reality is most couples have to consider cost when booking their wedding venue, and a brewery wedding venue is no exception. Before you fall in love with a brewery wedding venue, make sure that it is within your wedding budget. Keep in mind that some places have different rental rates for different times of year or weekends versus weekdays, so if your perfect brewery wedding venue is just a bit over budget it is worth asking about!


When considering a brewery wedding venue it is important to be aware of any potential restrictions that may apply. Depending on the venue and laws, there may be restrictions on the beverages that are able to be served (particularly alcoholic beverages), food that is permitted to be served and/or catered, areas that you have access to, and the number of individuals that can be present.  

It’s a Brewery

Last but certainly not least: when deciding if a brewery wedding venue is right for you, it’s important to remember that it is a brewery, not a traditional wedding venue. While venues that specialize in weddings often have amenities like bridal suites, multiple bathrooms, and rooms designed to be picture perfect, a brewery wedding venue may not. Make sure that both you and your future spouse are clear on what to expect, and plan accordingly.

When deciding whether a brewery wedding venue is right for you, it is important to consider the location, price, and restrictions before you book. Once you find a brewery that fits your needs, a brewery can be a dream wedding venue for a couple who loves beer!

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