Whitestown Vikingfest 2022 Recap and Viking Verdicts

We (our Indiana team) had quite an eventful time at the Whitestown Vikingfest this past weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who braved the weather and came out to see us. Friday and Saturday morning were great; we met some fabulous new friends and were ecstatic to see some familiar faces. Unfortunately Thor did take our tent during the Saturday night/Sunday morning storms*, and we couldn’t have all of our handmade soaps out and exposed! 

So, what did we learn at the 2022 Whitestown Vikingfest? We learned the importance of good tent stakes, and that Vikings like mead. Like, they really like mead. We kind of figured that, so we made some mead soaps to bring; we are so glad we did! Our Honey Mead soap (made with Honey Mead from Wyldewood Cellars) was our first artisan soap to sell out every morning (we kept bringing more, and y’all kept snatching them up!), and our Sam’s Strawberry Mead soap (made with Sam’s Strawberry Mead from Moonlight Meadery) was also popular. 

We also learned that Vikings love rainbows! Between our Rainbow Pop beer soap (made with Rainbow Pop The Guardian Brewing Co.), our Supersize Slushy beer soap (made with Supersize Slushy from 450 North Brewing Co.), and our Citragenesis beer soap (made with Citragenesis from Terre Haute Brewing Co.), it seemed like every other soap we sold was colorful (not that we’re complaining!)

Finally, we learned that Vikingfest attendees give fabulous feedback! Not only did we absolutely love every time someone mentioned how amazing the soaps smelled or how nice they looked, it was also great to hear that our soap was able to remove leather dye from hands without being drying on the skin. We hadn’t heard that before, but were thrilled that we could help! We also were delighted to hear the way people described different smells, particularly the description of our Hoosier Red beer soap (made with Hoosier Red from Quaff On! Brewing Company) as “a man who can chop wood, but always carries a nice pen”, and our Crocodilian beer soap (made with Crocodilian from Metazoa Brewing Co.) as “a man who knows things”. 

Want to check one (or several) of our 2022 Whitestown Vikingfest fan-favorite artisan soaps and beer accessories? We’ve made it easy for you! Just use the links below:

- Honey Mead Soap

- Citragenesis Beer Soap

- Crocodilian Beer Soap

- Supersize Slushy Beer Soap

- Rainbow Pop Beer Soap

- Hoosier Red Beer Soap

- Sam’s Strawberry Mead Soap - Available online with our May 17th release

- Red Cedar Soap Dish

- Sisal Soap Bag

Did you attend the Whitestown VikingFest? What was your favorite part (besides us, obviously!)? 


*Technically he didn’t take it; it was very well staked down and did not leave the premises. However, there was damage that is irreparable and, most importantly, made it unsafe and dangerous for use. And we are way too fond of y’all to risk your health!

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